Getting Organized!

We live in a hectic world. For many of us, there never seems to be enough hours in the day. Household chores, work responsibilites, and outside obligations. One only has to look as far as the Organization section of the local bookstore to see the variety of "solutions" to help in day to day life. While these items and systems certainly helpful, many are tailored for the "normal" household of 4 people (the 2000 Census shows that average family has 1.87 children). A large family has many different challenges that are sometimes overlooked. While we in no way believe we can cover every large family's household needs, over the next few months this feature will endeavor to provide you with information, tips, and resources that can help you organize your large family home.

Command Center - Permission slips, coupons, doctor's appointments, phone numbers, take-out menus. The list goes on. Keeping track of life can be difficult. One way to conquer the chaos is to form a family "Command Center." Learn how to implement one into your home, even if space is limited!

Dejunking the Toys Is your house being overrun with toys? Do your kids have so many toys, you don't know what to do, or can't store them. This articles helps you weed through the pile and bring some order back to the playroom.

Organizational Devices - There are lots of items that you can utilize in your home to help get organized. Calendars, PDAs and more. In this article, we review several different options, giving the pros and cons, in the hope you'll find the perfect system for your household.

Meal Planner - Reclaim time, lower your stress level, and learn to enjoy meal time. Having a meal schedule can help. Use our helpful and cute print-outs to help make it fun.

Toy Storage Lots of kids usually means lots of toys and lots of stuff. This article showcases some great ways to organize and store your childrens' toys, and bring a little more order to your home.

Your Tips Count! Have an organization tip which has helped you control the chaos? Post it on our "chalkboard." We may even feature it in an upcoming article.

Be sure to check back soon as we continue our quest of Getting Organized.

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