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Recipe Multiplier

Whether your a novice cook or a gourmet chef, converting recipes can sometimes be difficult. Particularly if you have a dish which has lots of ingredients. Many services allow you to double a pre-existing recipe on their website, but sometimes you need to convert your own. That is what this calculator does. Type in your existing recipe, choose how you'd like to convert it (double, triple, etc.), then press calculate. A recipe with the new measurements will be generated.

Please note that this converter only handles measurements. When altering a recipe, there may have to be additional adjustments to cooking temperature and cooking time. You can compute those and type them into Directions box, and they will show up on the final recipe.

Recipe Multiplier
(Optional) Name of Recipe:
Conversion Factor:
Enter the Quantity, Unit, and Name of each ingredient below:
(Fractions are OK: "1 1/2" or "1-1/2". This program uses US measurements.)
(Optional) Directions:
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Posted 493 days ago
Awesome Tool. Makes baking for classrooms a breeze. Thanks and much appreciated.
Posted 541 days ago
I'm always looking to double recipes. Thanks for making it easy.
Posted 650 days ago
Thanks bunches! I'm always making recipes 1 1/2 times the recipe (so a recipe that serves 4 will serve 6) and this site makes the conversion a breeze!
Posted 803 days ago
thank you so much for your help! this is great!!
Posted 818 days ago
Thank you!!
Posted 866 days ago
well, my kid has a project nessary to show his work this is not a helper SHOW WORK :( plz i need my children to show his work. especially when it is needed + have life easy
Posted 939 days ago
This made the cook out calcs for 100+ people super easy!!!
Thanks very much!!