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It's been about 3 years since I bought my first Home Reserve piece. Like a lot of people, our house was primarily furnished with items purchased at second-hand stores and garage sales. This was mostly due to the high cost of new furniture, but also the fact that we live in an older home with narrow stairwells and doorways, and getting a full-sized couch through is literally impossible. We'd resorted to the used furniture finds, as well as futons, beanbag furniture, and a variety of other discount items. As the years passed and our family grew, we needed more seating. I decided I was going to find the best, but most inexpensive, new furniture that I could. After hitting eBay and doing various Google searches, I stumbled upon

The idea of assemble-it-yourself furniture was not foreign to me. I had checked out couches offered by Ikea and other places, which for the mostpart were wooden frames with cushions on the seat and back. The HomeReserve furniture looked like a real couch and offered different fabric choices in a variety of colors and patterns. I have to admit being a bit skeptical if they would really hold up as well as they claimed. My kids are not exactly easy on furniture. But honestly, the price was so good I couldn't help but hope. With a basic couch costing around $300, and a love seat costing approximately $250, even with shipping I could purchase 2-3 pieces for the same price as 1 nice sofa at a local furniture store. So, after discussing it with my husband, we took the plunge.

One of the nicest things is that the furniture comes shipped by UPS in several boxes. Mind you, the boxes are heavy, but they can fit through tight spots and narrow hallways. Also, you don't have to schedule a special delivery like you would when purchasing furniture through a showroom. This is a plus if you are sending one to someone as a surprise gift. This is also helpful if you need furniture but your space is not quite ready yet, such as if you are remodelling. The boxes can be stored until you're ready.

Assembling the furniture is truly easy. Most do-it-yourself furniture comes with confusing instructions and ambiguous directions. The HomeReserve pieces are not only clearly numbered (the numbers are actually cut out so there is no risk of them rubbing off or being read wrong), but also numbered in order of how you assemble them. Assembly can take anywhere from a half a hour to 2 hours, depending on the piece your buy and your skill building things. Don't let that last comment scare you. Assembly is easy even for those without a lot of home improvement experience. My tip: having a power screwdriver as opposed to a manual one helps.

One of the bragging points to HomeReserve furniture is that each piece has built-in storage under the seat cushion. While the area is not overly large, it is sizeable enough to tuck away a quilt, cds, books, toys, and other items you want handy but don't want cluttering up the room. I personally don't use the storage day-to-day, though it is easy enough to do so. For me, I love the ability to store things I use only on occasion. I have some old VCR tapes in one of the storage seats, and some dress shirts for my husband in another.

Another great feature to the furniture is the choice of fabric. As promised, their choices are top quality and look wonderful. Another positive is that you can actually purchase additional fabric to change the look. While a bit costly, new fabric is really only a bit more expensive than a nice furniture throw, and looks a lot better. For a large family, especially when you have lots of little ones, this can be a great feature and a serious consideration. One of our loveseats suffered a lot of staining at the hands of our autistic son, and even steam cleaning couldn't save it. We simply ordered a new fabric cover and it looks brand new. I should note that HomeReserve now offers washable fabric, which eliminates the need to replace soiled pieces altogether.

With any product, no matter how good, there is going to be drawbacks. With HomeReserve there are not many, but they should be noted. Since there is storage beneath the seat, no springs are in the furniture. The cushions provided are very thick and soft, however they don't have that bounce of regular furniture. Particularly for people with joint problems or difficulty standing up from a sitting position, this could be a problem. For the mostpart, the wood is very strong and holds up well, however, there are a few weak spots. You may experience a crack or two. This does not compromise the furniture or it's comfort or usability. Also, I should note that HomeReserve has a 5-year frame warranty. If any piece breaks during that time, they will replace it. I actually needed to use this for an ottoman I purchased, and I can confirm the piece was replaced very quickly, without hassle.

I would like to note my review is based on purchases of 4 couches, 4 loveseats, and 1 ottoman. Note, these purchases were made over a period of time, and were not only for us but for other family members. HomeReserve also offers sitting chairs, and more recently sectional pieces and coffee/end tables. For a large family, the combination of good quality, hidden storage, and low price make this furniture a great choice, and I highly recommend it.

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Review by: Michelle Lehmann
2006 -
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Posted 72 days ago
I am still in love with my Home Reserve Sectiona 7 years laterl. I started out with a few peices to make a small sectional and was thrilled that it was so easy to put together. I loved it right away, and then the unthinkable happend. My son had a bloody nose on it and left a pretty large blood puddle on it. I threw the covers in the wash and it all came out perfectly. My love for the product grew so when I moved into a house with a different living room layout I bought several more peices to add to my sectional. They still had the same fabric as I had originally ordered and to my surprise the fabric on my older peices exactly matched with the brand new fabric even tho I had washed the covers probably 10 times already. Now I have a huge sectional that includes 7 year old peices and some 4 year old peices and its holding up beautifully. I must mention that when I first bought it I had a hairy dog, and 2 teenage boys. They were pretty hard on it. Now I have a different dog and 2 young adult men and they are all still pretty hard on it. I wash the whole thing once every 3 or 4 months and it looks and smells brand spanking new every time. You cant do that with anything else. Also my sectional is paid for. I have friends who need a new couch just about the time they have paid off their old one.
Posted 690 days ago
I'm incredibly disappointed in this product. For $658, I would not expect to literally have to build a couch myself, especially one of such poor quality. It looks cheap, flimsy and misshapen.

The worst part is I was so excited for it's arrival. In theory, Home Reserve sounded like the solution to my small space furniture needs. In reality, it was a hard earned $658 mistakenly spent. Do yourself a favor, buy elsewhere.
Sally Merlo
Posted 856 days ago
I can't say enough good things about my Home Reserve Monroe sofa and loveseat. Easy to put together (took 3 hours, tops), have had both for over 6 years. The apartment that I initially bought these items for had little storage room, and this was one of the primary reasons why I decided to purchase these items. In terms of comfort, my daughter and I have fallen asleep many a time on either the couch or loveseat while watching TV. Just recently ordered a new fabric for both couch and loveseat, to match new decor in the apartment that we are presently living in. Yes, I could purchase more expensive furniture, but don't see the need to do so when my Home Reserve furniture is holding up so well, and the fabrics can be changed and/or upgraded at any time.
Ken N
Posted 1126 days ago
I bought a monroe style couch, chair and ottoman from Home Reserve nearly 10 years ago and despite two kids and two dogs they have held up well. a few pieces have recently started failing but i've simply made new ones myself. the fabric which they unfortunately don't carry any more looks brand new after a quick wash. not the most comfortable furniture but well worth the money! I would definitely recommend for anyone looking for some new furniture on a budget.
Posted 1204 days ago
Hi. It's been a few years since your review was posted. Are how these holding up?
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