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When most people think of large families, a few images come to mind. The first is usually flashes of The Brady Bunch, with its slapstick situations and unrealistic dilemmas and solutions (who can forget Marsha getting hit in the nose with that football). The second, and one that I think most people imagine these days, is a house full of total chaos, with junk strewn everywhere, children hanging from the chandeliers, and harried parents unable to control the brood. While it is true there are moments when things are loud and a bit unruly, a large family household is oftentimes very much the same as someone with two or three children.

Weblogs have given us a way to allow others to learn more about us, to peek into our lives. For the large families, it has given us a way of show the world that we're normal. Busy...challenging...but normal. I have long wanted to feature the "real" stories of large families. The day-to-day musings that make having lots of kids so special. Below you will find a variety of blogs, presenting a wide range of information, viewpoints, and ideas--covering "small" large families, "mega" large families, new timely to the LOK community, as well as general buzz about this site itself. I hope you will find something inspiring, amusing, or simply entertaining here. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often, as there will most likely be something new to see. ~Mirz

The Lotsofkids Blogroll

Large Family Birth Stories - Birth stories are fascinating. It's particularly intriguing to read the stories of women who have had several children. It's 2 births are alike, even after you have done it 3 or 4 times!

Lots of Kids and Pregnant Again - We follow the pregnancies of moms who already have several children at home. Share the ups, downs, joys, and sorrows of pregnancy with lots of kids.

4 or More - That majority of large families are comprised of 4 or 5 children. Just because a family has only 4 children, doesn't mean they don't encounter many of the daily dilemmas mega families encounter. As any mom of 4 if they feel their family is small, especially when taking a trip to the grocery store with all the kids! This blog is focused on the "smaller" large families. The participating moms have 4 to 7 children.

Large Family Cooking - Get recipes, budget tips, kitchen advice, and much more in this popular blog.

1000 Words - Seeing is believing. In this new photo blog, we take a look at large family life through pictures. Photos submitted by our staff and members depict the challenges and joys of large family life.

Homeschooling Lots of Kids - Homeschooling a crew can be a great experience, and a challenge. A group of large family moms share their experiences, stories, and advice about homeschooling. You can also find great reviews of HS sites and curriculum too!

Mega Families - Having a large family can be challenging sometimes. But what if you have enough kids to equal two large families? The number of mega families (8 or more kids by our definition) is so small that the U.S. Census Bureau doesn't even publish a percentage number for the group. In this blog, mega-moms share a slice of their lives about raising lots and lots of kids.

Full House - Where do you put all those kids? How do you feel them all on a budget? You must be super organized, right? In this blog, our contributors talk about the various aspect of the large family household, from cooking to cleaning, to organizing and budgeting.

Life with Lots of Kids and Special Needs - A blog where parents of special needs children who have large families come to share stories of the unique challenges and special joys of their families.

The Buzz - Site News - This blog was created to keep our visitors up-to-date with what is going on at From information about updates and forum upgrades, to news on events in the large family community, this is the place to get the latest information. Note, this blog replaces our LOK-Editor's blog, as well as the Community Bulletin Board.

Other Blog Favorites

Below are a few blogs that we love and think will be of particular interest to our readers. You can also find a variety of personal and family blogs for/about large families in the sidebar.

Bigger Families; Faces from the Past - While large families may be a bit of a rarity these days, in years past they were much more common. This blog features portraits of large families from years gone by, along with a little history. A wonderful and fascinating site.

Cooking With Anne - A well-written, enjoyable blog, written by a mom of 7, filled with lots of great recipes. A must-read for anyone who wants a little inspiration in the kitchen.

4 or More
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Large Family Cooking
Fend for Yourself --A learning opportunity - 12 Jan 2010 at 6:37 pm

1000 Words
Photoshoot - 30 Apr 2009 at 11:49 am

Homeschooling Lots of Kids
November - 16 Nov 2010 at 6:08 pm

Mega Families
Let the Ball Drop! - 31 Dec 2009 at 10:27 pm

Full House
A hundred days hath May and December . . . - 1 Dec 2010 at 4:54 pm

Life with Lots of Kids and Special Needs
Let the Ball Drop - 31 Dec 2009 at 10:26 pm

The Buzz - Site News

Large Family Birth Stories
Welcome to the Blog - 8 Dec 2008 at 6:44 pm

Lots of Kids & Pregnant Again
Let the Ball Drop! - 31 Dec 2009 at 10:17 pm

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I agree this is a great suggestion. While rienadg through posts and comments, I like to know where the advice is coming from. It would be great if next to each name, a few details showed up such as: Son/Daughter/Baby/Child/StepChild (if you didn't want to disclose sex of child)Age (is there a way for HB to calculate this based on an entered birth month/year?) *Profile would be able to accommodate multiple children (maybe up to 4?) Also if no children yet - TTC status (maybe someone can suggest what should go here? Should there be a length listed, such as cycle #10 or something?)
##article## index Blogging with Lots of Kids 42 Blogs Weblogs have given us a way to allow others to learn more about us, to peek into our lives. For large families, it has given us a way to show the world that we're normal. Busy...challenging...but normal. 120 20 September 15, 2010 September 15, 2010 1